augmented reality

5 benefits of Augmented Reality for our Evolution

Augmented Reality or AR integrates the digital world with the user’s environmental world. Unlike Virtual Reality, which creates a completely virtual world, Augmented Reality enhances our real-world perception. This technology dates to the late ’60s and was made to significantly increase our sensory perception of the world yet we could not utilize it because our technology lacked the processing power to implement it into our daily lives. Continue reading

must have apps in quarantine

Top 5 Apps to keep you sane during the Quarantine

Under the lockdown due to COVID-19, life, as we know it, has become mundane. Boredom and stress levels in people are increasing tremendously and with no cure in sight, one can’t help but feel agitated or insane. To counter such problems, mobile app developers have worked tirelessly on iOS and android application development. These apps help us stay busy, healthy and mentally strong. So without wasting your time further, here are the must-have apps that will keep you sane under quarantine. Continue reading

coronavirus and tech industry

How Coronavirus is likely to affect the Tech Industry in 2020

Coronavirus illness (COVID-19) is a highly infectious illness brought about by a newfound coronavirus strain. A great many people tainted with the COVID-19 infection will encounter mellow to direct respiratory disease and recoup without requiring exceptional treatment. More seasoned individuals and those with hidden clinical issues like cardiovascular sickness, diabetes, ceaseless respiratory infection, and disease are bound to create genuine illness. Continue reading