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Which Platform Is Better to Develop My Application?

The applications via mobile have allowed us to run our lives with ease and comfort by specially crafted to become an alternative to other electronic devices. Now you can control your home appliance, vehicle access and can even watch television on your Smartphone with the help of mobile applications. According to the latest report of 2020, almost 1.35 billion tablet users and 2.7 billion Smartphone users use the applications. So, with this amount of lucrative percentage, every business these days is hopping on the app development concept. But before starting anything, it is important to structure it based on objectives, constraints, and market before choosing a system. 

Software for App Development

For the construct of application, we have Microsoft, android, and IOS in the market, but as mobiles are popular in demand, thus IOS and Android are running a majored chunk of the share. Android App Development is installed more in numbers because developers receive more access to its features and provide free applications.  Apart from it, Google provides a guideline for easy setup and more convenient to publish on Google play store within just a few hours. However, it is costly in terms of features and complexity issues, it takes a long time it takes in development and test run. Another disadvantage would be the adjustment of apps according to the different screen sizes of Android Smartphones.

IOS software development is more intensive due to complex coding that protects from hacking. Another plus point is IOS always yields more revenue since Apple users are ready to pay for due to impeccable quality experience and lifelong customer loyalty. Their UI design with detailed guidelines takes less time on the development process. However, due to superior SOPS mostly gets rejected initially or takes take time for approval. It is purely on the fact that Apple promises efficiency and security to its customers, so the sanction process takes time. These intense rules and regulations make companies opt for an iPhone app development company that is already knowledgeable with the latest procedures and equipped to work with complex methods for smooth results.

Some Common Questions from Clients:

What is Application Development?

Application development is the method of establishing a program or a combination of programs to perform different tasks required according to its core purpose. This act is for developing a mobile app connected via a series of networks. Another type is hybrid apps that are developed for implementing backend services like data analysis with Artificial intelligence for deducing results.

What are the Steps Behind Building up the Ideology of an Application?

The purpose of building an App is to serve a solution and to attain profit at the end. It can figure out after doing market research to know your audience, competition, scope, and a successful business plan. 

How Long does it take to develop an Application?

It approximately takes 3-9 months but greatly depends according to the size of the project and the efficiency of tools used. The software on which the app would manufacture matters a lot, especially when we need to match the standards of the panel if it is launching in the digital market.

What are the steps to consider while forming an Application?

For every application development following are some essential steps:

  1.  Gathering prerequisites
  2.  Designing Prototypes
  3. Testing out the application
  4. Looking for any error and then fixing it
  5. Implementation and integration.

Which Operating System is Preferable for Application: IOS or Android?

This answer depends according to the goal of the business, its core competencies, financial budget, language, or UI / UX design, and target market. If your audience uses an iPhone and you are looking for market penetration, then IOS would be a suitable choice. Also, both of these platforms require different languages because IOS uses C++ and Android uses java language.  

How can I make Money out of my App?

There can be many ways that can let you earn revenue if you are launching it publically. Selling an app on IOS with a fixed price or running paid ads on free apps at android will yield revenue also. It highly depends on how efficient and worthwhile an app is for the audience so more people will download it.

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