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Which Platform Should You Build Your Application on, iOS or Android?

As we dive in headfirst into the era of mobile phones, startups, or well-established businesses know that they need to establish their digital footprint and what better way to do that other than building smartphone applications. Be it a business or a person with an incredible application idea, and smartphone applications are administering the tech world. As for any business, it is vital to know where they should launch their app. In this blog, we will let you know about a few things to consider before you start developing your application.

Distinguishing the operating software, you are going to build your application on is a pivotal business decision. There are dangers, accounts, time, assets, brand name, and a few different components to consider during dynamic.

. What sets them apart?

Apple’s iOS is built around a closed ecosystem. This means that any app put through their system must be regulated by apple itself. As a developer, you can only use the features provided by Apple to avoid any restrictions. The benefit of iOS application development offered by the companies is that your application is more controlled and stable at the cost of the developer being limited to the tools provided.

Google’s Android uses an open-sourced ecosystem. Not only does it have minimal restrictions on the developer, but it also provides him or her with a plethora of tools for functionality and innovation. The downside, however, is that the open-sourced ecosystem is less secure compared to Apple’s ecosystem and sometimes may be blocked by cellphone carriers.

. What is your audience?

The difference in numbers amongst android and iOS users is mindboggling. For your application to achieve what it is meant to, make sure to prioritize what sort of audience you would like to engage and how it is important to your business.

Image Source: Statista

In 2018, Android managed to pull over 75 billion app downloads and iOS managed to pull of 29 billion. This is due to the high availability of Android around the globe, as can be seen from the graph. Secondly, most of the iOS users carry first world countries and high-income personnel, whereas Android gives all the income personnel, but its stronghold is in the developing countries.

. Revenue from in-app purchases           

From the point of revenue from in-app purchases, iOS is clearly in the lead, with 89% of its users purchasing in-app services, whereas Android could muster up to 28%. If your application priority is to generate money, then iOS is more lucrative than Android. Keep in mind, though, that 28% might seem way below iOS revenue, android applications have been downloaded 46 billion times more than iOS.

. Timing                

How rapidly would you like to get your application to be ready? Your course of events can have a tremendous influence on figuring out what stage is ideal for producing for first. Creating for Android, by and large, take additional time because of longer discharge cycles and gadget discontinuity. Building an application that is perfect with numerous Android gadgets by and large takes additional time: there are a great many Android gadgets that have an assortment of screen sizes and OS forms running. Even though Apple claims all the equipment and programming, and there are far fewer iOS gadgets than Android gadgets, iOS gadgets are getting less normalized than they have been before. Since the presentation of the iPhone X arrangement, designers currently have more screen sizes and UI imperatives to work around.  

While working for iOS can now and again be speedier, it can likewise take more time for the App Store to support your item with the severe guidelines and quality desires set up. Conversely, after android application development or in upgradations, it takes a day or two to get endorsed, and updates can be pushed inside merely hours.   

. The Feature set

What attributes do you need in your application and like manner, the individuals that you search ahead for? A statistical surveying shares that in contrast with android clients, iOS clients are 15% bound to visit eCommerce stores. Not just this, it has been seen that 23% of Apple clients incline toward buys through their telephone, in contrast with 17% if there should be an occurrence of Android. So if you are arranging a direct application, out of iOS versus Android, attempt one for Apple, figures show they are in front of the Android.


Consider these facts before you go into developing your applications, ask your development team for their input as they are more aware of the ground realities and have a clear idea of what you need from your app.

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