The Best Folding Smartphone So Far; Huawei Mate X


Huawei has introduced the most advanced folding phone after Samsung Galaxy and the manufacturer has confidence that this is the “future of technology” with its innovative design and amazing features.

The latest Smartphone has two features that Galaxy did not have. They have named the phone as the fastest 5G design.

The Chinese tech has developed it including a number of advantages to make it the best foldable mobile phone with promising features.

Mate X has a larger screen size as compared to the previous fold screen of 4.6-inches that the slim exterior had and expands on unfolding. Usually folded screen had the front camera cut out in the right corner on the upper side when unfolded. This one has the larger folded screen and gets closer to the edge of the phone.

The screen size of Mate X is 6.6 inches (2,480×1,148) display size of the folded front screen with aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The display size of the folded rear screen is 6.38 inches (2,480 x 892) with aspect ratio 25:9.

The unfolded wider screen view is 8-inches (2,480×2,220) and the aspect ratio 8:7.1. The unfolded screen has more content to view and split screen feature to view two applications at a time.

The spokesperson of Huawei says that watching the screen unfolding is such an experience to enjoy. He compared that Galaxy folding phone seems like having an incomplete prototype.

The manufacturer not only shows off the folded screen size rather it is being 5.4mm thick on unfolded and 11mm thick when it folds into the half. They are proud to present this as the thinnest foldable smartphone any phone could be. The claim is yet to be compared with the other folding smartphone as the dimensions can be better.

Another amazing feature of Mate X is its “grip bar” other than the unmatchable screen size. The grip bar is inside the slim body of the phone where “Leica-designed cameras and USB-C port live.” It is best for the firm grip to hold the mobile phone in one hand. You can consider Mate X as rolled up the magazine.

Other than the appearance of the folding mobile phone Mate X also has brilliant features inside. IT is powered by the manufacturer’s own “7-nanometer Kirin 980 chip and Balong 5,000 5G modem”.

This 5G mobile phone is quick with 5G antenna that is able to download anything with the speed as fast as up-to 4.6 Gbps. It is 10 times faster than the ordinary 4G modems and also 2 times faster than other 5G modems that Samsung has offered before in Qualcomm’s X50 5G and Exynos 5,100 5G. Those mobile phones are capable of downloading with speed of up-to 2.3Gbps.

Huawei says that the users can download a movie of 1 GB in 3 seconds connected to this amazing speed of 5G.

Mate X is offering 512 GB of built-in storage memory and 8 GB RAM.

It also has an excellent battery with power cell of 4,500 mAh that keeps the mobile charged for longer. Furthermore, it also supports 55-watt charging and get charged up-to 85% in 30 seconds.

The power button has a dual function with the fingerprint reader.

The coolest looking Mate X has much more in its designing. The durability of the mobile phone and the support of third-party apps by Android on the display modes are yet to discover. The battery time of 4,500 mAh is amazing but also to be tested if it status longer. It costs comparatively more than Galaxy folding phone.

Mate X is might the best folding mobile phone reviewed till now but this is much more to say. It is also to be considered if people believe buying foldable mobile phone?

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